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Conference Update

The Hockey Conference, which kmedia had previously designed a brand identity for, came back for a refresh of their logo for their upcoming Halifax 2020 conference. They were looking for a logo that retained the same feel of branding for consistency but also added a bit of a unique touch from the locale of the…

New Identity

Ergon Life Centre Inc. was looking to consolidate a scattered brand identity and were referred to kmedia. By sitting down and chatting about their initial thoughts on what a logo might look like for them, we were able to create something that matched the concept they had in mind but also exceeded their expectations in…

Conference Logo

The Hockey Conference, a bi-annual academic conference focused specifically on issues surrounding hockey, was looking to establish their branding moving forward. Traditionally, they had been an organization without any consistent branding and wanted to build on the momentum their conference had been picking up. This branding represented a look that was clear and focused while…

Logo design

East Coast Bakery Equipment, shortly after being acquired by Summertime Industries, was looking for a new corporate identity that would mesh well with its existing branding. Through working with the client, we were able to freshen up the look while also providing a uniform branding for the two companies moving forward.